Monday, December 9, 2019

What a day (And it's just the beginning)

This morning I forgot to bet on my own team (Houston Rockets) losing. I do that all the time, so that I won't feel like crap when Rockets loses. Amazingly they lost to Kings! wtf seriously.

I should've win some good amount of money from this but fml I totally forgot bout this game today.

And about my work. Seriously I can't believe there are so many people with no dentures in this goddamn island. I can't even finish one without 3 new dentures coming in.

And by the way! I was told by my 7 years girlfriend that she can't see a future with me anymore. So wtf am I suppose to do now?

I've never felt so lost and lonely in my life before. Like I couldn't tell this to anyone cause we have the image of a "perfect couple" to show, and I can't complain to her cause let's be honest here, when the girl doesn't love you anymore, why would she fcuking care about what you have to say anyway.

I need a holiday.. from this fcuking life. Nothing to look forward to every day, no love, no friends, only work work work and being in debt. I will now go and fcuk myself 🖕

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